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KV+ was founded in 1998 by a team of pro skiers with a passion for developing and delivering the very best in athletic gear and sportswear. The head office and factory are based in Dongio, in the picturesque Valley of Blenio, Switzerland.

Today, KV+ produces a wide variety of products for cross-country skiing, cycling, Nordic walking and active living. Cross-country ski poles, gloves, hats and Roller skis are our core products.

Thanks to the exceptionally high quality and performance, KV+ gear has become known worldwide in recent years. KV+ products are available world wide, and the best teams compete with them at World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games.

KV+ Australia started in 2015 in Perth,Western Australia with the aim of providing high quality equipment to skiers and walkers in Australia and New Zealand.

We support events, local clubs and athletes all over Australia.We are proud to be part of the local community an looking forward to see the brand grow in this region.


Hannes Holly

Distributor Australia

Growing up in the Austrian Alps outdoor sports have been a passion of mine since early age. With a background in Alpine & Cross country skiing it was always a dream to bring "Nordic sports" to Australia.


Live life the Nordic Way

KV+ Australia

 True Nordic

Tel: +61 411551132


PO BOX 2316

High Wycombe, 6057

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